Community Transformation Powered by Youth Leadership Development.


Our mission is to transform East Oakland into a healthy and economically robust community by developing the leadership of youth and young adults and improving the systems that impact them.

What we do

We provide comprehensive, fully integrated health, wellness, educational, career, arts, and cultural programming to Alameda County youth and young adults, ages 13-24. 

Total Youth Served




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How we do it

YU’s personal transformation work is focused on helping members change their life course. Through our comprehensive services and core programming, we give East Oakland youth the opportunity to build positive relationships, develop new skills, and establish goals and future plans that will put them on a trajectory to success and self-sufficiency in adulthood.


Career & Education

  • Education Support
  • Job Readiness & Placement
  • Job Creation & Social Enterprise

Health & Wellness

  • Counseling for Healing & Health
  • Holistic Wellness
  • Physical Health
  • Sports & Recreation

Arts & Expression

  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Video & Film Production
  • Visual Arts

Civic Engagement

  • Rise-Up Team
  • Leaders in Action
  • LeaderSHIFT

Social Enterprise

  • Corners Cafe & Catering
  • YU Clean
  • YU Green

Why we do it

We believe that if we provide youth with relevant services and programs, meaningful engagement with caring adults, and opportunities to practice leadership they will become change agents and contributors to a healthy thriving community. This formula for change maintains that healthy involved people can influence policy and ultimately create healthier, safer, and economically robust communities. It recognizes that youth are inherently resilient and that risk can be reduced with the right set of supports, services, and opportunities.

Where we do it

Youth UpRising’s systems change work moves the institutions and policies that impact youth including public safety, healthcare, economic development and jobs, housing, and education. Youth staff, interns, and volunteers are actively involved in leading these efforts—from resident engagement and legislative advocacy to creating public awareness campaigns and working on oversight boards and commissions.


Safety and violence are among the most critical issues facing youth in Oakland—one of the most violent cities in America.


Student achievement and quality education is critical to the development and long-term employment success of East Oakland youth.


When people, particularly youth, cannot find work, they are more likely to engage in street crime and turn to the street economy to make money.



People who live in neighborhoods that lack full-service grocery stores have higher rates of obesity, diabetes and other diet-related diseases.


Quality, stable and affordable housing is a concern for East Oakland, particularly young adults, which has been exacerbated by the national housing crisis.

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How it's been an impact