We deliver a full range of educational support, job training, and job placement services in our comprehensive Career & Education center. Services are delivered in a 3,600 square-foot Career & Education Center.

Education Support

We work with a broad range of youth, from those primed for a four-year university to those struggling to graduate high school. We help our members complete high school or their equivalency exam and guide them through the transition to post-secondary education.

Services include:

  • GED preparation courses
  • School re-enrollment assistance
  • Individual academic planning
  • Study habits clinics, computer literacy
  • Basic skills remediation/tutoring
  • Service learning
  • Preparing for ACT/SAT testing
  • Assistance identifying financial aid and scholarship opportunities
  • Completing college applications, developing personal statements
  • College tours

Job Readiness and Placement

YU offers education and training to help youth acquire skills that will make them competitive in the marketplace. Our goal is to prepare youth to transition to permanent career track employment in a variety of high demand local industries including food manufacturing, data management, and digital media.

We administer a summer jobs program funded by the Oakland Mayor’s Office to provide soft skills training for youth, placing 200 youth in jobs in the for-profit, non-profit, and government sectors each year.

We also provide real-world employment experience through job placements onsite in one of four of YU’s social enterprises, in the broader community, and through internships, subsidized employment and service-learning projects that build skills and help those with community-service obligations to complete their hours.

YU Achieve

YU Achieve is a nine-month intensive fellowship that bridges young people to economic opportunities and self-sufficiency through comprehensive supports, engaging curriculum and work experience. The program’s cohort model fosters a sense of community, valuing individual and peer group progress.  YU Achieve curriculum is intended to support young people to overcome the emotional, social, educational and vocational barriers to their self-sufficiency. Young people interested in a fresh start or some support in doing things in a different way should sign up for this program. YU Achieve is more than more than a job-it is a personal journey.