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Nobody is safe until we're all safe

"Nobody Is Safe Until We're All Safe"

The Youth Leadership Development & Civic Engagement Department supports young people to become the leaders we need to transform the community through Rise Up! and YU Lead. Youth are trained and prepared to participate on boards and commissions, engage in political advocacy, conduct community research and facilitate education workshops to advance policy change. Rise Up! is a policy focused leadership team that engages young people in an afterschool workshops. YU Lead is a year-long youth leadership development program that serves as YU's youth advisory board.


Are You Ready to Bury Your Child?

"Are You Ready to Bury Your Child?"

The Health & Wellness Department provides high quality, culturally competent health & wellness services that support healing and empower the development of self-worth, self-awareness, and self-determination as young people set and achieved goals and engaged in the vital process of healing and personal transformation. The department has seven program strands: Case Management, Juvenile Justice Initiatives, Direct Therapeutic Services, Group Offerings, Health Care Access, Castlemont High School CARE Team Meetings, and Consultation.

Is this all you deserve?

"Is This All You Deserve?"

The Arts & Expression Department provides music, performing arts, multi-media, film & video, and visual arts programming. The department helps young people build marketable skills, access meaningful work experiences, and express themselves through art. All participants attend orientation sessions where they reflect on their lives, and develop a critical lens for media consumption. YU builds links from Arts & Expression programming to career pathways. The department has four program strands: Visual and Performing Arts Program, the Film & Video Program, the Multi-Media program, and the Music program.

Hiring is a violence prevention strategy

"Hiring Is A Violence Prevention Strategy"

The Career & Education Department provides comprehensive educational and employment services that help young people to develop the skills and competencies required to obtain and maintain jobs, continue their education, and build successful careers in order to become positive change agents in their families and the community. The department has five program strands: Supporting Youth in Education, Connecting Youth to Employment and Education, Youth Completing Secondary Education, and Connecting Youth to College.