Student achievement and quality education is critical to the development and long-term employment success of East Oakland youth. Currently:

  • East Oakland’s high school dropout rate hovers at 40%.
  • 44% of adults over 25 don’t have a high school diploma.
  • 83% of the students scored far below basic in Math and 61% of the students scored far below basic in English Language Arts at the three public high schools neighboring the YU campus.


In addition to our range of onsite education services, YU partners with neighboring high schools to improve student outcomes. The relationship has resulted in unprecedented data sharing efforts between OUSD, charter schools and YU with an initial focus on student absenteeism/truancy.  Programming at Castlemont schools is being developed to address the needs of students at-risk of dropping out and to support young scholars positioned for college.

Moving Forward

  • YU will continue to coordinate youth-led health research teams in partnership with UCSF, Alameda County Health Care, and OUSD.
  • YU is building out our youth-led service learning curriculum in collaboration with local middle schools, high schools, and community colleges. Service learning opportunities will engage youth in using what they learn in the classroom to solve real-life problems.
  • YU is also exploring curriculum development and before and after-school programming with OUSD.
  • Expand our partnerships and involvement in education in the years to come.