Youth Leadership Development & Civic Engagement activities and programs involve youth leaders in improving their community while developing their capacity to become agents of change. Activities range from round-table discussions and participation on public boards and commissions, to community organizing and public-awareness campaigns. Youth build their understanding of the social and political issues that affect us all and disadvantage some. This knowledge is then used to affect systems change and transform communities.

YU Lead

YU LEAD (Leadership Excellence and Development) is a one-year leadership program that prepares a team of YU members who have overcome significant challenges to become community leaders by turning their passion for community advocacy into a career. By combining intensive leadership trainings and community enhancing group projects, YU LEAD prepares youth to be change agents, while ensuring that they are fully prepared for college or full-time work.

YU LEAD represents the youth perspectives in program development and facilitation, opportunities to organize youth events, and community engagement strategies. Participants also receive extensive training to carry the voice of youth in public policy and planning processes.                                       

Trainings include:

  • Project management
  • Meeting & workshop facilitation
  • Public speaking
  • Conflict mediation
  • Professional networking
  • Business writing
  • Multi-media skills
  • Event planning
  • Root of Social Inequality
  • Campaign design
  • Identity and Community Consciousness

Rise Up Team

The Rise Up Team is a youth leadership development program that serves as Youth UpRising’s youth advisory board. Members of the Rise Up Team receive trainings in political education, professional development, and community organizing and engagement techniques. The Rise Up Team consists four team leaders who supervise and mentor ten youth interns in leading neighborhood and membership engagement activities that include:

  • Developing direct actions and responses to current events in our community
  • Organizing events to raise awareness about issues affecting our community
  • Hosting monthly house meetings with YU members

Rise Up Team Leads serve as peer leaders and are expected to establish and maintain organizational culture, represent YU at community events and meetings, and coordinate Rise Up Team youth in leading our neighborhood and membership engagement efforts.